Husband: Henry Sloggy

  Born: in: Hamburg, Germany
  Ref: GWEpapers - secondary    Occupation: Sailor & ?
  Wife: Mrs Greer

M Child 1 Jacob Sloggy

F Child 2 Mrs. (Sloggy) Shafer

F Child 3 Mrs. (Sloggy) Lint

F Child 4 Mrs. (Sloggy) Mershimer

The following is a history of the Sloggy family as transcribed for Grandson Harrison Sloggy before his death.

"History of the Sloggy Family
so far as known

  Grandfather Henry Sloggy was born in Hamburg Germany; left home when a boy and went to sea as a sailor; following that calling for 14 years; don't know if he ever went back home. Right after the Revolutionary War he landed in America and settled near Philadelphia, PA.

  He married a widow named Greer, I think. She had four children, some of them I have seen.

  The late Governor Greer of Iowa was a distant relation of ours. Grandfather had four children, three girls and one son, Jacob, my father. Three of the girls I have seen, Mrs Shafer, Mrs. Lint, and Mrs. Mershmer. All lived in New Castle, PA, where I was born. Grandfather came from a very prominent family in Germany, high up in military circles. He had one brother, William, who came to America to settle near Grandfathers. He landed in Baltimore and sent word to Grandpa to come with a team to take him and his effects out to His place and stated in his letter that he had a bushel of gold. When Grandpa got there, he found his name in the Hotel Register and the Landlord said that he had left a few days before. He was never heard of after. He was murdered for his money.

  My mother's name was Mary Sager. I have seen both Grandpa and Grandma Sager. They were from Bremen, Germany; had a large family, most of them I have seen.

Our own family, you know, consisted of eight boys and five girls, thirteen.

  Their names:

     Henry, Lucretia (Mrs. Starn), Peter, Harrison, Samuel, Andrew, Amanda, Rachel, Martha, Mary Ellen, Elias, James Theodore, Francis Marion.

I was born April 25th, 1830

            Harrison Sloggy"

NOTES: Harrison Sloggy died April 9th, 1912, at Minneapolis Soldiers' Home

Mary Sager was a Jew Spaniard and her parents having gone from Spain shortly before her birth.

        Edith S. Rogers for Mrs. Sloggy

The above Mrs. Sloggy possibly Mrs. Hannah Harrison Sloggy